Imprinting Workshop

MUGS Factory has a professional workshop for Customer Imprinting. We have professional worker for setting picture, printing artwork, transfer the artwork. And we havethe professional production line for big quantity producing.

Sublimtaion imprinting is a hi-tech tenology, integrating machinery, computer electronic information with the rapid development of computer technology.

While the digital sublimation printing needn’t any processing program, it adopts pictures taken by digital camera or scanner, and these pictures can manage to be various colors and vivid images by computer, all up to you. Then, use a printer filled with sublimation ink to print the designed image; next, transfer your personalized image to fabric by sublimation production line.


 The principle of digital sublimation printing is a process of transferring the image to fabric, which is based on the characteristic of disperse dyes, and make a kind which can sublimate from 150? to 230?, and then according the design image requests, print disperse dyes sublimation ink to the special transfer paper. Further more, put this photo printed transfer paper faced to the fabric, on the condition of provided temperature, pressure and time, the dye was transferred to fabric, and spread to the inner of object, as a result, achieve the goal of coloration.


Presently, because of the advanced technology and wide development future of digital printing,

many printing enterprise use digital printing machine, they think it is a high-speed, low cost and good unity effect machine. What’s more, some large-scale company run an extra work pattern, that is why the factory and company exist at one time, and they can design images for client on-site to manufacture personalized clothes for consumers. In domestic, some companies adopt this technology to produce various swimsuits, play wears, and fashion suits, and show wear, tourism souvenir, painting crafts and so on. They have got appreciable profits from it.

There are many advantages as following:

1. High Speed
in the past, it would take several days even some dozen days from design to do a sample until to delivery the product. But since using the digital sublimation, only 1-2 hours to do all these process, furthermore, the number you want to product is not limited, also make produce in a small-scale, in various types, in rapid response come true.
There are some obvious advantages, on one hand;
the technological processes are very short; you can get finished products after printing immediately. Needn’t to steam and wash. On the other hand, with its good flexibility, the products can complete in a short time while the customer selection program.

2. Meet the specific requirement.
This technology can satisfy people’s individual demand.
To a costume designer, it can bring his creative into play. He can feel free to modify the design chart in omputer. The effect come out exactly the same as in the computer. As soon as the customer gets satisfied with the work, it will come out directly. From this sense, the digital photo printing technology will drive a new market and stimulate a new consumption demand.

3. Abundant colors, vivid images
The digital photo printing adopt four colors add professional colors,
its color is very rich, it have 16,700,000 different colors. The traditional printing is very difficult to do more than 10 sets. So the new printing technology have broaden the design style and heighten the class of the products. The image come out very exquisite and grade clearly, with very good artistic quality and strong perspective. After that, you can also print the style of photography and painting by this technology. When printing, the tar of the dyes left on the sublimation paper, so it’s no pollution

4. No limit of the colors and copy length.
In one hand, this technology don’t need to make a screen mesh, so that save lots of time; in other hand, the design can do and change on the screen of the computer, the color and luster can do by the mouse, so that save the material and labor force.

5. Pro-environment and reduction of pollution
The printing process doesn’t need water and is controlled by the computer.
So it will not waste anything and without water pollution and noise pollution.
It totally realizes the green, no pollution manufacturer process.

The sublimation ink is also more environment-friendly than oil ink. It is harmless to human body.

6. Easy operation, stability
The computer controls the whole process of the digital photo printing.
It will not be influenced by the environment and human factor from getting the order to manufacturing the products.
The image is saved by digital format so that the effect come out will be very the same.
Digital photo printing technology opened a new way to the fabric printing. There will be a great prosperous in the nearly future.
Now this technology is put in use in the garment industry, textile products, wallpaper, carpet, tag, banner, tie, scarf and so on. The designers, entrepreneurs, merchants, consumers all over the world have found that from the digital photo printing technology can get low cost, high quality textile products.
Because the textile products have the advantage of water-proof, endurable, this technology also can apply to advertisement industry, garment industry, in-door decoration and handicraft articles.
Digital photo printing technology cannot only apply to the synthetic fabrics, but also apply to the natural fiber and other fabrics.
While the digital photo printing technology comes to maturity and more development, the market share will be continuous rising. The time of digital photo printing will be a natural trend.